Woop de woop.. foto summershow 1st prize best in show..


I am honored to have received first prize in the host foto8 summer show... I was amazed to have got all three entries into the exhibition to begin with and it's an event I ve been looking forward to. I was also delighted to have some of my great friends to enjoy it with.... I just began a descriptive list and it got silly so to all of them, you are legends, mwahhhhhh x

what a night. In all honesty I completely forgot the show was a contest as I look forward to it every year..a chance to have drinks and food with great people, see top quality imagery and have a damn good time. So when they announced I had won I was thrilled.

After drinking several glasses of vino, the realization of responsibility hit me and I hopped on my wheels ( the wee raliegh burner) and ventured homebound sad to miss the after party... but one must behave...

I shall be taking shay out to celebrate and giving her a lovely print and I really am so grateful to all the team at Host. It's a gallery that I constantly natter about as they put on great socials.. lectures and slideshows. If you etc a chance do check out the show... big up to harry, John, Sasha and the gang.. thank youuuuuu