sunday times -

A trip to Enfield brought me to Kelly's home where her and her mum treated Emily and I like true guests..the shoot was relatively quick and Kelly and her ma were an absolute delight... the difficulty with editorials is that you never really know what your going to shoot until you arrive...will the house be big, small, quirky, colourful, will the subject be easy to shoot, will there be mood swings, deadlines...anything can's like a game, you prepare (train) as much as the internet will allow and organize as much as you can but when the whistle blows and you ring that doorbell the games begin...the challenge of getting a good shot is both the goal and the prize..luckily for me Kelly was of course a natural in front of the camera (as expected) and she even provided tea on demand ...really enjoyed this one and despite the short time we spent on the shoot the reassuring hug that kelly provided me with as we jetted on our way showed despite the small amount of time.. a bond had formed... you were great thanks Kelly x