Simon Roberts "We English"

No surprise to find a sea of people spilling out of the Photographers gallery with a glazing look of inspiration in their eyes after Simon Roberts delivers his first talk on his recently released project ' We English'.

The hyped up crowd also featured a few faces I haven't seen in some time and it was a pleasure to see the Roberts clan celebrating! Sarah looked stunning as always and gleamed proudly with vino in hand. It was lush to see her and Simon's family who never fail to entertain and make me feel welcome.

The prints are now proudly hung in the Photographers gallery and the book sits comfortably and enticingly on the shelves in the bookshop. It is a true pleasure to see this fresh and accomplished project in what seems like such a short space of time. The prints look stunning (no surprise, due to the old boy large format approach) and I'm sure they'll be many a collector bidding on what is a very small edition. Simon has and continues to be a figure of inspiration and he has yet again succeeded in producing a passionate and personal project.

So if you haven't already check out the work :

online http: //

In The Photographers Gallery

Or hit a talk or exhibition

The detailed book is an essential and Simon ,I can confidently say, is usually happy to sign a copy...nice one Mr Roberts x