many images of the week...

So for my sins of being a day late I am posting a few images from a commission (a few similar shots)

Sat tel shoot of Russell and his lovely restaurant and the PR Dominique who kindly sat for me briefly. Without an assistant and with the rush of time and hurried dance of waiters and restaurant staff manically preparing for a busy day I had to work quickly but helps.

So I also did a shoot this week for YBN which didn't work... I guess it goes to show that the only way to get good images is to realize when they don't work, seek advice, learn from it and remember that it doesn't work every time. It's never time or money wasted even if it feels like this. So perhaps these positive mumblings are a reassurance to my self esteem and will help ease the pain of my pocket and heart. I get a sick feeling of frustration, anger and disappointment when I review the images after a personal shoot and it doesn't work it is always my fault. It is no one else s responsibility but mine to ensure that despite subject and location I will produce something arresting....then comes the fear... the negative questioning..will this work ? Is the whole thing crap? Am I just shite? Is it boring? Insignificant? ...Nothing can soothe this demonic crud in your head like the calming voice of your mother motivating you forward and reminding you that there is only one way to get the images you the words of Nike..just do it x