Impossible Image of the week...really Impossible

(Image one Arabela is actually facing me.. hair over face.)

It was my turn to take the train and visit the town I always miss.. Jonah is based in Brighton as soon as we met we both had a few locations in mind.. our subject to test the film was a dancer and a good friend of his. With ginger hair and a beautiful figure we were in luck as Arabella was our pocession for the day. A true chance to see how the film behaves and what , if anything we can produce.

We started in the studio testing against plain backgrounds and then hopped on the bus to the marina.

This film is definitely a challenge to say the least and to master it is going to take time and severe amounts of patience! However what is most difficult is knowing what is good and what is bad. I like surreal imagery, obscure marks on film and desaturated colours.. however will these just be viewed as amateurish?

Either way spending the day today was fun and attempting to produce imagery from any camera is always going to inistill warmth within the bones... we managed to finish just before it absolutely pelted it down... a kind cafe rouge took us in and fed and watered our soles as we reflected on the many blank polaroids, the many dark polaroids.. a few that worked!..