Image (s) of the week.. fooooooolishly Pannack shoots a roll of Agfa..

Late last night my eyes could take no more and I decided the nest was calling much to my annoyance, so once again apologies for my late post (grrrrr)

Anywhooo I decided to post something with a story this week and that's one reason I didn't just chuck an image up last night.

As the rules state I have posted more than one.. here be the tale...

Mike Leigh, I was warned, was going to be a tough one. Many a folk informed me that he may not be in the mood, may be hard work and a challenging subject. Hearing these warnings mixed in with the stressful ingredients of extremely limited time and a limited and uninspiring location meant I needed to be well prepared. We were told we would have 25 mins to shoot which I was sure would be long enough to take pictures , but feared it would not give me a chance to connect with him or produce anything creative. The office we were due to shoot in is based in soho on busy Greek st.

With a job like this, fight or flight kicks in and the game show lights and starting whistle spring to mind ... the clock is set and the trainers are tied. So on arrival we had 15 mins to set up then our shoot time after the interview.

The greeting from Mike was... assertive and I could instantly tell he wanted to get it over and done with. He demanded to shoot outside and not in the office. I agreed and my trusty assistant Callum Toy and I danced off to explore busy Soho....

HOWEVER... this initial negative start seemed contrary to the 20 minutes allocated that followed....

I walked with Mike , asked his suggestions and showed him the spots I felt may be efficient and fitting. He agreed and as every second continued, warmed up like bread in an oven. The initial closed man I met disappeared to reveal a aimiable, interesting character.

In the pitter patter of cats and dogs I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, the conversation and to see him smile, relax and engage (and I perhaps naively) feel this was genuine.

As we closed the shoot ahead of time and returned to the office with him to collect our gear I chanced the risk of speaking without thinking ( something I tend to do far too often) and bluntly but respectfully said:

" Do you know what Mike? I thought you were going to be a bloody nightmare... but actually, you were lovely and I really enjoyed it, thank you, I really appreciate it."

As my lips closed and the synapses kicked in, I realized this was proberbly a bit of an error... hmmm... but to my relief he replied:

" Funnily enough so did I! I thought it was going to be awful, but actually it was great and you're lovely... Callum tell her she's lovely wont you."

What a compliment! Thanks to Callum's calm and great attitude and a bit of luck I skipped him off to the infamous Maison Bertaux for gourmet tea , cakes and thanks...x