Image of the week…why won't it snow?

  My childish excitement when snow hits usually fades as it instantly  turns to  brown mush .However I am meant to be in Romania NOW but the snow has refused to fall I am marooned on London island.

Today I nostalgically organized my polaroids from Romania last year in an attempt to figure out what I am interested in and thought I would share a few for fun.

lkpp (3)

This image is from the widow village where I discovered one of my favorites 'little prayer huts' dotted around Romania called TROITAs. It is constructed as a praying place...either as a memorial where a person has died or just as a place to pray. They were beautiful and seemed to pop up everywhere. Each village had one and their random positioning and individual decor caught my eye every time…( i - spy whilst our sauna wagon toured the rocky roads)


Getting past my bed time ..OAO x