image of the week...yehhhhhhh punctual for once

The quietness only stirs regret at my slackness for planning a trip for this time of year however I am finally getting on with the list of admin from my organisation station..

Pic n mix of images this week ... a gentle reminder to myself that I am neglecting my little box and need to hit the streets to snap. I'm sifting through grey clouds of project ideas and unsettled on a theme I am simply wallowing and not clicking and I desperately need to escape.

Another Ghana portrait from the lush gold mines is image uno

And for desserts a random image from my trip to Turner land.... Broadstairs. The trip was a treat ..a solitary train journey to misty Kent on my way to give a talk. I arrived a few hours early loaded only with a cheap camera from a drunken ebay affair and I eagerly tested it to see if it worked. Due to the lens being beyond shite all of the images came back blurred but the fun of pressing a shutter with the wonder of an end result was relaxing... in actual fact I think the aesthetics kind of resonate a turner quality in that the grain and soft focus are slightly more romantic. It's not a strong image but it was a fun experience with a new tool...

my week to have a brand spanking new frame.. x