Image of the week...yehhhh thursday (just)

Many a time ago Tim contacted me explaining his now famous project on his battle with Parkinsons. We exchanged several emails in preparation for my contribution to such a great venture. Tim now has an impressive 164 portraits of himself taken by a variety of talented photographers each providing their interpretation of his illness. I was honoured to be approached and I knew the shoot would be a great opportunity to really collaborate with a subject and have pure creative freedom.

Here's a quick scan from the great day together.. Brother Harper offered to lend a hand and it simply would not have been possible without his help. I wanted to explore the theme of life and death so I choose eggs to resemble this idea. But the main idea I had was to play on what came to mind with Parkinsons. I, personally think of shaking . So I gave Time some milk in order to create a milk shake. He was completely on board and took to the idea like a true sport agreeing it would be fun.

Covering a naked man in eggs and milk takes a lot of charm but with such a willing subject it was simply a fun day out of London in order to make someone smell like an omelette.