image of the week.. what seems like the shortest one all year

Returning from mad Perp has thrown me sideways. I met some lush photography folk and although it's an exhausting whirlwind there were moments of pleasure and relaxation. But the days, hours and words have all rolled into one.

So as per bloody usual I have failed to hit my Thursday deadline damn it! Punishment is obligatory and I have included a contrast of images....

Thought I'd mix it up a little with the heavy realisation it's been way way too long since I picked up my box.

So the first two are from Sudan but a little bit of scenery and street photo...

And the last is from a UK editorial commission.. I shall reveal more once the story has run but in the mean time all I can say is this lady is a gem. She was a rare subject that I instantly felt at ease with and felt we really had a lot in common in a weird way, despite having very different lives.

I am absolutely ITCHING to shoot... hmmmmm until the next Thursday x