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From Hin's recent comment regarding my usual reference to late posting I shall simply slap my wrist... so this weeks post is another Ghana one.

This time on a slightly different story to the gold mines. This hospital is run by Afri kids to support the community financially with work as well as medical care, it is part of their micro finance programme.

I think what astonished me most about the charity was the main goal to be self sufficient in years to come, generating income through their projects to further fund their projects. Really working with the community and learning from the people was a clear indicator of the value of local knowledge. The only people who can understand the harmful and tragic practices and beliefs are those that are victim to it. Local people educating the local people as well as providing financial outlets is slowly changing the way in which the country operates.

On the final night we had dinner with a very young nurse who had come from Australia a few years ago. Despite her only training to be a pediatrician the experience with Afri kids had developed her practice further than imaginable. She was dealing with an unmanagable work load. Patients arrive at 5 am and are often not seen until 7 pm due to the demand for medication. 15 minutes is a maximum appointment one patient has with a doctor so a diagnosis explanation is often not a priority, meaning that knowledge is never passed on. This is something the young nurse tries to oppose and encourages her patients to pass on the information she provides. She seemed distressed and preoccupied with thoughts of a young child with Malaria she treated a few hours earlier when we had visited and kept an eye on her phone the entire meal. She had a heart of gold and I hope that more will follow in her footsteps.