image of the week..Tim TIME

what happened here then? I literally completely let Thursday slip me by...ohhh dear...hmmm have I actually lost all sense of time and reality. Mr Bowditch and I have been lovely and busy absolutely thriving on the hectic week and relishing exploring new and exciting projects.

Tim Time:

It's always a treat to greet a subject who is game for a fun photo session..a portrait takes a connection and is based on partnership, trust, emotion and understanding. Fortunately on this occasion my subject embraced the idea of being captured and the day smoothly rolled along like a pleasant day at a theme park.

It seemed our subject Tim not only generously offered his time and patience beyond the demand, but was also determined to have as much fun as us along the way. He was relaxed, optimistic and trustworthy; allowing us to experiment and never doubting our ideas..even if at times they do come across as slightly deranged.

All in all I must thank all three Tims...