image of the week...tick,tock,shhhhhhh...

There's no pretending that work is a constant flow, as a freelancer there are manic times and there are periods of excruciating deadness...the testing pauses. Will I survive? Will I take pictures soon? Will I feel like this forever? Am I a failure? Why am I sooo boooored?

What baffles me is how the days still pass with speed. Despite the ever infinite to-do list it still seems that time is beating me.

But I choose to neither wallow in depression or glaze over in ignorance. I just simply accept it. As long as I can be safe in the knowledge that I am trying, I should be ok..right?

Anywhoooo enough of the brain leak...

So my images of le week are a result from a big hoover of hard drives. Like old belongings retrieved from behind my bed during a spring clean I stumbled across these. One is from the slow club shoot ions ago (top) and the other from a lovely day off in Nairobi.

My friend Dominic Nahr kindly loaned me his right hand man ( Paul I think his name was?) who gave a unique tour of the town. I' ve ever had so much fun hanging about with car mechanics before and venturing into primary schools...OAO x