Image of the week... the ones that didn't make the show

I am overwhelmed, delighted, grateful and unbelievably chuffed with the turn out last night at the opening of my solo show at gallery one- and-a- half. A massive thanks to so many peeps, Rhiannon Adam, Catherine Collins, Chris Littlewood, Stuart Harper (and Ting)... the list goes on but also a massive ta to everyone who showed their support and made it so fun! With the show consuming all the time in the world many an edit was passed back and forth between Rhiannon and myself. It is such a relief to have someone take over the responsibility of an edit and orchestrate their vision of presentation. Rhiannon understands the work. She presented it clearly, laterally and with narrative so that the series is viewed as a journey. There were of course some that made the cut that I definitely would 'nt have chosen ... and some that I considered... so for my late post sins here are two that aren't currently hung ... What's your verdict?