Image of the week...the lost hour/day

  Am I allowed to blame the late post on the lost hour? Thursday whisked by so as the rules state I have posted more than one image. I managed to squeeze in a few scanning hours and stumbled across these images from a walk with Hin. We delved to the dangers of Ebsfleet. I can honestly say this walk was one to test the nerves. Sensible Mr. Chua held me back as the naive invincible child on me egged him on to explore the estates. He eventually dragged me home when a local warned us not to tread on unfamiliar soil.


It's always interesting how walking partners react when I decide I want to take a portrait of stranger. Some join and engage with the subject and the process becomes a group activity, where as others quietly disappear out of view. I like this change and how it affects the experience. These two girls were the rare locals we encountered that day as the town seemed sleepy. All I remember was how they loathed Ebsfleet and wished they could escape.


Perched on the pavement at an Esso garage with two cans of rancid red bull I remember Hin and I agreeing that the strangest thing about Ebsfleet was a lack of town centre. There is no hub, meeting point or Centre. I think a return this summer should be on the cards.

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