Image of the week... the game...

This week has generously provided me with a mish mash of trips that continue my English tour… but I finish the week back in the smoke again…

This weeks image comes from a shoot I did yesterday for the D&AD. The production team comprised of D&AD folk and a few lovely chaps from Magpie agency.

After a thorough recce we refused to admit defeat at the 'challenging' location choice and decided that we'd be superheros and work hard to get the best we could.

We arrived on the shoot day and were unexpectedly informed that a whirlwind was heading our way as each subject only had 45 mins and timings of the itinaray seemed to overlap.

What followed was an intense few hours of hasty setting up, shooting, dismantling, changing location and repeating the cycle. Working in this way is something I feel you have to embrace when it occurs.. treating it like a game whilst downing americanos as you go… the mission of juggling location, subject and time against the urge to create something fresh and alternative.

We shot each set up with flash and natural light to give the client a few options. It was interesting to see how different the shots looked and without such a speedy team it just would not have been possible.

There are of course obvious disadvantages to working in such situations.. getting to actually connect with your subject is a massive challenge and I find myself being pretty bossy which is never a joy. Also it gives you less time to consider your images, composition, lighting and overall shot which is something I thrive on and one of the reasons I love film.

However the shoot was energetic, fun, challenging and as we all collapsed with fatigue we laughed as our brains caught up and all smiled with relief at how somehow we'd managed to overcome every obstacle thrown at us...

Without the incredible hulk strength and speed at which Fed my assistant worked his magic and the general awesome attitude of the crowd it could have been very different. Ta to all xxx

The final images of this shoot will come and all will be explained...x