Image of the week the emotional walk

Loving New York but trying to keep up with the insane pace and seeing very little :(

OKey dokes so hopefully this will be on time (UK time?)

This was by far the most exciting assignment I ve had in ages and i hugely enjoyed it and may continue it further.... who knows

First off a delightful night in a lodge in Norfolk with the writer Peter, his daughter Vicky and her careers at SENSE. I excitedly slept sound wondering how the next day would prevail. I was assigned to documment the emotional walk taking place between Peter and Vicky.

I awoke to Vicky walking past my room and casually walking down the kitchen with one thing in mind...TEA...

She made a cuppa with ease and sat down to enjoy it.

It was refreshing to know she was at complete ease with being photographed and through the limited but warm communication we had she kind of didn t really mind either way.

It was awkward and painful to watch the struggle in communication as Peter sees her only 4 times a year.

Vicki has been deaf, almost blind and mentally disabled since birth. Her mother was later diagnosed with Rubella which caused Vicki's condition.

SENSE encourages Vicki to be independent and active and use sign language , colours and organisation to guide her to recognise a routine and a way of living in the adult world more independently and with socially decency.She is also on a variety of medication to contraol her outbursts and challenging behaviour.

She enjoys long walks , arts and crafts and good food. I stayed with Vicky on a rare visit from her father who sees her four times a year since she left home to be taken into care during early adolscence. I spent the day capturing Vicki's routine and the responses to the first vacation ever spent with her father.

Peter struggles to emotionally form any kind of relationship with a daughter he cannot communicate with.

Vicki is emotionless. She cannot form emotional attachments.

In the 4 years her carer Jenny has known her she has never seen Vicky cry or smile.