Image of the Week...that literally flew by

More info to come but...This wee one has a fear of the wind, he hides in Ashleys cardigan as the gales of Glasgow blow wildly...bless.

5 am London fly to Glasgow , coach, cab, meeting,cab, shoot,cab, meeting,shoot,cab,fly back,bus,retouch...sleeeeeeepah.

I guess I should do a wee bit of shameful self promo. I am hugely honoured to have been awarded 3 prizes in this years IPA awards at the Lucies.

1st place Nudes fine art

2nd place Advertising (other)

Honourable mention portraits singles

Alas I am dollarless as the awards sound like a proper red carpet affair with glad rags galore, but if you happened to be going or in New York, have a blast.

Ok so this weeks post ( yup late again) ... boring to keep apologising and vex's me still) comes from the exhausting trip to Glasgow. I'm doing an exciting project with Save the Children and I am honoured to be involved but the tenacity , time and patience required to stick out the organisation has been the most challenging to date. However I remain adamant to complete it.

So these are the RECCE shots as time,energy and concentration were hindered by travel and I really hope to complete some good shots eventually. I have to admit I felt irritated with myself for not getting anything that satisfied me but if in doubt try again...