Image of the week that flew.. sooo late (sorry)

Errrm my bad... I had a strange week where I actually seemed to lose a day thinking it was Thursday until 11 30 am on Friday.. oh dear... but the slip in my brain has now decended and I am catching up and ticking the list off bit by bit..

So this weeks images are the reminders of my Bahamas trip.. I really cannot express how pleasant it was to roam in a warm climate.. I only wish it was something I could do more.

On a relevant note I visited Dover for a short trip yesterday and after 2 hours felt uninspired and cold...after trawling through traffic to arrive, I sulkily strolled back to my car only a few hours later feeling unproductive and frustrated. It wasn't that I did not enjoy the space and time to wander and scan my surroundings in my own head, I just craved an interaction with my whereabouts..something to give me a fuzzy feeling of inspired warmth. I kicked myself for not leaving earlier..the journey felt incomplete and my nose was failing to lead me. (I love the expression.."follow your nose")

I am a sucker when the chill hits and need to build up my defences for the winter that cometh in great force..

These images are a reminder of the luxury of walking on foreign soil.. it is something I crave and even driving to Dover gave me a slight buzz at the joy of exploring new lands, I confess my heart craves a world further a field. However, the task of actually capturing a surrounding that is familiar I believe is a far more challenging task.

Photographers produce beautiful imagery by delving into communities and surroundings that are refreshing and adventurous and I envy them greatly, but I do feel that exploring a new world provides epic creative fuel and inspiration. Surveying a place you feel you cannot view from an outsiders perspective means you need to really search for detail and a personal connection. You find what interests you and act, as always, on instinct. So until my bank balance improves I will continue to roam streets that I am accustomed to... to learn, to grow and to challenge my creativity.

Due to the late post of a second edit I hereby promise to unveil a sneaky peak next Thursday of a new project I have just started...