Image of the week.. tales of the unexpected

As the weatherman promised on Saturday it was epically toasty. One of my greatest irritating flaws is my indecisiveness... I am in the midst of curing this and on Saturday I decided very quickly to run away.

Sun bathing picnic plans and social antics was replaced by the urge to roam.

After the sun had beaten its optimum strength I hitched a ride on a train from Victoria to the unknown... Herne Bay seduced me en route and after a few changes and what seemed like too longer journey I arrived in the far away land with open expectations.

I felt completely at rest with a bag full of film, books and sun cream.

I was lucky.

This stop was indeed a treat of a place.

It so happened the Herne Bay festival was in process and preparations to burn a giant ship on the beach were well under way. All seemed idyllic with a wholesome blend of community spirit, tacky seaside attractions in an isolated setting....but...

" I'd love to shove that camera up her arse... shall we nick it?..come on then snapper...take a picture... I hate photographers...

(keep smiling...keep walking...)

"oil! you gonna take a picture or what...??

(keep smiling...keep walking...)

"Actually" I said, turning to face a lively intoxicated lad towering over me...

“Yeh... I'll take your picture... But we need to get the girls in it too" I continued, pointing to the heavily groomed young girls with him..

"especially this one, she's gorgeous" . I was referring the dolled up baby sucking on a dummy and playing with her pierced ears....

He laughed..." Yeh g ' on then.. take our picture...

"ok " I said .. " But we have to find a good spot let s go for a walk, where you headed...?”

After a nice chin wag and a stroll, I chose a spot nearby where they patiently and gleefully agreed to let me shoot a roll whilst we chatted and laughed.

After they had waited for me to change roll, I asked them to sign model release forms and thanked them for their help. Such a nice bunch..

More stories unfolded as I met others and then finished a lovely day standing at the end of the pier watching the sun set.........lush.

However the journey back started with an hour painful wait at the station with no light and no film but presented to me the perfect subject in a gorgeous setting... moments like that are cruel...x