Image of the Week...something a little different

A while ago I posted some images from a commission I completed for the Arts Council on women and aging. As explained my brief was to explore the different ways in which women in their 60's,70's and 80's feel about their age and how the media presents their age group.

I planned my initial meeting with the women to act as an introduction but also to really gage their ideas and how they responded to imagery. I asked them prior to our meet to gather images of their mothers at the age that they are at now as well as any images they liked. The session was a great success and their response was that they felt positive looking at the old pictures and in actual fact felt they looked younger than their mothers. We all loved the aesthetic of the photographs and agreed that images today tend to veer more on the side of commercial advertising and occasionally cheesy. They felt the media presents an extreme sterio-type of women within their age group. Either highly unrealistic models of women who resort to things like botox and surgery to gain a more youthful appearance or the opposite by showing frail and vulnerable elderly women often housebound or victims of society.

As well as working closely with each women and producing images of them in their own enviroments/workplaces etc and showing that they are active, fun and vibrant individuals I also thought it would be a nice idea to add a separate part to the project and reflect on this initial observation...

sooooooooooooo to cut a ramble short I decided to work closely with the legend that is Cos at Hammerlab ( where I get all my processing and printing done - 07790774417) and aim to recreate an aesthetic that links closely to the images they had shown me.

The results were the images above and I think with more time, budget and resources the results could have been stronger but given the time frame and tools we had I like the softness and tonal feel of the images. Thanks Cos for all of your hard work XX