image of the week...SLOOOOOWWWWW...

Late posting? Me? ..never! Yet again Thursday skips by and I fail to hit the deadline of blog posting, however I think this week has been my weirdest yet... as Sara rightfully said.. in a few weeks my blog post could be quite a different one!

Anyway enough cryptic banter... this week is a first time band shoot for the lovely duo Slow Club ( Moshi Moshi). The band were an absolute joy to shoot and spend the day with and the adventure in a windy and chilly Brighton would simply not have been as epic without their great attitude and patience.

We sourced a few locations on our shopping list and headed straight to the poppy fields for the first few frames...tenacity prevailed and we headed to location two feeling exhausted by the initial struggle but eager to get the best we could. The pair soon relaxed and the masterary skills of miss Alexandra Day provided slick styling and smiles all round.

After a 13 hour day ,we, in true rock n roll style hit the pub and soon proved how old we felt by clambering home after snoring into a half empty wine glass within half an hour. Thanks to everyone. You worked hard and a wee special thanks to Jonah for the loan of his museum of Hyde... much love y all xxx