Image of the week...slllllacker.......

I..Laura Pannack, hereby Brownie promise to stop being crap and stick to my Thursday rule... past two weeks have been severely crud for sticking to my usual deadline so here be a pic n mix of imagery..

It's been a strange few weeks of female assignments, website building and wasted hours of nothingness.. I often feel time literally sieves through my hands some days and I have nowt to show for it..

I’m working on a few project ideas and attempting to be proactive rather than fear the unknown and the void of project wheels in full speed. Recent inspiration and good rabbiting ideas back and forth feels exciting.

New work alas canne be posted just yet but here be a few old treats.

I am still so bloody itching to return to Sense and grab a few more days with them so I ve posted another one from the emotional walk soon to be printed and a couple of Erica from my self funded trip to her and jenny... Also an old Minchin scan I stumbled across on the week my watch is set. word.

OAO ( over and out) x