Image of the week....printed and not printed

THURSDAY my calender shouts..

The past week or so has been a mixture of extremes.. a whirlwind of life and work events , so before I photo rant I'd like to thank anyone who reads this who knows me and has been a great legend of support... you've kept me sane and smiling.. ta..xx

Back to tales of adventures... The Newstatesman commissioned me this week and I was delighted to shoot something a bit different despite my wagon taking aonther slog across the country to visit the lovely town of Brownhills.

The young people kindly volunteered and patiently and tenaciously overcame each and every problem the day threw at us...from busy roundabouts to rain and cold. They were polite, engaged and understanding . As I shouted over the the noise of cats, dogs and gails they helped tell the story of a ghost town full of frustration and empty promise.

My thanks to Ollie and his lovely girlfriend Dilek who patiently awaited the return of her Romeo. The piece has been published this week so I've attached one that was printed and one that hasn't...

Next time I'm catching the train so that wecan finish the day with a quality glass of vino from the tempting public house 'The Hussy's Arms'... until then ...