image of the week...preempting fate

I have decided that there must be no excuse for not playing ...cold weather is but a mere force of nature..

Rhiannon and I have continued to venture out when possible and the game continues. What is exciting is that not only can we relax in the knowledge that our images will be spontaneous ( as they MAY be a collaboration and turn out very differently than assumed, composed or carefully constructed) but also that we are constantly learning.

Composing polaroid images is a completely different medium in that your reason to capture an image is hugely tied into your tool. Normally when photographing I concentrate on what captures my imagination and use the camera to illustrate it without thought between the importance of one over the other. Polaroid dominates what you choose to photograph and how. It is both burdened and liberated by it's unique style and I like that it forces me to recognise it's differences to a standard film camera.

I think what i like about this image is the recognition of a collaboration. We both saw two separate scenes and decided to partner them

So what did we learn from todays walk...

Laura - that the camera as tool can have a huge power over what is captured

Rhiannon - that being brave and forgetting gloves is just not cool.