Image of the week...pre sunday treat

As I smuggly type at 22.56pm I pat myself on the back and relish the rare punctual post...

I show appreciation for your following by revealing a pre Sunday Times feature treat. This image will not actually be in print but was in the final edit. The story is on three different tales of people affected by eating disorders. Personally and directly. It was to say the least a challenging subject due to it's sensitive nature.

As you know, I enjoy working with subjects that in one way or another are hightend in their emotions, have stories to tell and hold a message through their experiences. But with this comes not just learning, intensity and experience but also responsibility, patience and emotion.

By empathizing with people it is often difficult to leave a shoot unaffected....yes, I learn from these days, I am inspired and sometimes saddened by people's stories but most importantly I hope I did everything I could to connect with them .

Regardless of it's darkened topic I really enjoyed this feature and the mag is a delight to work with. I will be posting a few more from this same series that also did not make print.

The feature comes out this Sunday so read more for the details and to see the rest of some of the images.