Image of the week...ouch

Ritually starting with an apology, I give you, in exchange a chance to laugh at my excuse. The decision not to post last night was thankfully made with the rational and sensible part of my brain... After enjoying a fab event held by creative review I soon realised the concoction of champagne and white wine had taken a devilish grip. Unfortunately I didn't fully register this until I (oh so gracelessly) greeted the pavement during an ambitious and foolish cycle home... error. I am now sporting a HOT beard like graze on my chin which I guess is well deserved punishment for not using my sense.

Needless to say as I sat at my desk last night I came to the conclusion any emails or blogging may result in regret... so embarrassing injuries and late blogging is something I take full responsibility for..

A few more images from the SIRE shoot as it all comes together post production wise. I'm really looking forward to seeing the ads big and I am intrigued as to how they may change.

I think I need to shoot some more film as I'm definitely feeling a massive yearning for some Bronica play time.... that's my goal for next week...