image of the week of no net....

Embarrassingly late post for Pannack... (worst to date I think!)

Apparently the wifi does not come as standard when on the road and visiting Irun bru land. Continuing the commission for Save The Children has led me to two very special families. I ve been exploring poverty in the UK and this week was the first week of official shooting with 1 and half days allocated shooting time.

Ashley was 15 when she gave birth to Shaun and now at 18 has 2 young 'weens'. Shaun and Elissa live with her in her family home and this visit was a chance to spend an afternoon with them . Ashley's younger sister , although incredibly shy seemed keen to join the project and spending a day with them encouraged me to relax my methods and take a more docummentary approach.

The second image is one more from the reccy shoot in the first week.

The first image is the result of day 2 spent with Tracey and her son Aron who are the second family kindly volunteering to take part. The project explores the small burdens of financial struggle as well as the major challenges they face daily. A typical day off school for an average young person may involve excusions and shopping. For Aron though, the freedom to fly his kit or visit the park is just as exciting. Tracey works hard to give Aron the same opportnitues but often has to be creative when thinking of free entertainment .

Managing finanaces is not just stressful but can often reach desperation. She confesses there has been many instances where to pay bills she is forced to open Arons piggy bank. The role of being a lone provider is tested to the limits.

I decided that what Aron needed was a fun day out so after flying his kite lunch out was Arons's choice... the kiddy meal was woofed down in record time leaving only the option of a doggy bag for the chocolate cake desert....