image of the week... nippy but blissful...

lushhhhhhhhh shoot this one.. a blissful last min adventure courtesy of the Sunday Times. Alas I can't reveal the edit but a sneak of a hidden pic is my image of the week.

After the most insense and fitness testing dash for our morning train, we dumped our bags and high fived in disabelief at seat 56A and B , relaxing into a heavenly voyage to Devon early Saturday Morning. Well prepped after some intense on board reading we arrived 5 hours later to a warm welcome of lemon cake and tea ( fussily swapped for some essential coffee beans) and confessed the slightly imposing concept. Michael surprisngly agreed to join me in the Devon waves and we soon hiked off into the lush woodland to reach the coast.

After slight hesitation I soon realised that balancing on algi covered rocks was a meer procrastinationn for the ultimate soaking I was soon to recieve so we strived through the nippy waves ( Michael braver than us all) and finished with me oh so gracefully flashing my bare arse into a stumbling Stuarts' face ( ahhh memmmorrrries...)

Soaked to the briefs we trugged back to the wagon still finding it impossible not to be overwhelmed by the gorgeous nature and fresh air and headed for the second location of muddy banks.

I can't remember a day when time passed so quickly and within what seemed like minutes we were in a cab pacing schumaker speeds to catch our hourly train. This shoot was a definite joyous experience with warm and understanding subjects and great assistance :) x