image of the week...murky zone

Writters block would be a blessing .I am wallowing in self pity at the lack of a focussed project. I'm craving an adventure with my Bronica and brain and literally feel trapped in a projectless place arghagdfhajdhjsha

rage vented patience, inspiration and determination must prevail and in the mean time I shall present snippets of previous comissions. This weeks post is from the hazy Carte Blanche morning and another Sudan tale

This lad was def one of the most tragic stories we stumbled upon. Many of the northern returnees were gutted to discover that their home land failed to provide sanitation, food and shelter. WIth minimal supplies and lack of aid EVERY (and I mean) every single person we met that had returned from the north was ill and or dying, mostly from malaria,cholera or aids.

The main concept developed around the fact that the one item that people chose to bring with them when deciding on essentials was their bed ( an iconic symbol of home), people would leave everything they possessed but always take their bed. This then became the most valuable item to trade; many families suffering starvation in order to keep their beds.I shot every northern returnee on their bed ( including this gent) .. here s a different one though

This boy was 19, his wife was also 19 and died a few days prior to our meet. She died from Cholera and they could nt afford the medication to save her life despite begging the hospital for help. She was an intelligent and hopeful young woman with aspirations to work after finishing her degree. Their son ( pictured) was only a few months old. He too now had cholera and we learnt that not only did this young man face overcoming the death of his wife , he now had little choice to let his child die. He is a skilled carpenter but there are no jobs. He can't work and therefore cannot get the essential funds for medication.