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So these are the first from my Ukrainian adventure. The story was indeed a whirlwind and I shot differently to how I would if my feet were roaming and mind open. However, being focused and on a mission was still exciting and challenging. One of the most demanding days was spent in a school shooting a large number of children whose backgrounds and lifestyles were difficult - emotionally and financially.

The large school venue was a treat but also meant that coffee and brainpower were essential to accompany stamina and time keeping. Seeing an amazing location can be a tease as it sometimes enforces pressure to do it justice. The school did have some great rooms but with the jam-packed and rushed itinerary it was a real test.

These three young children were patient and helped make the process a lot calmer. Sometimes working with people that speak no English forces a different kind of connection. An unsaid understanding of the task in hand stripped of complication.

I am taking their portrait; they are concentrating on our act. I quite enjoy the silence and sense of collaboration. Simple.