Image of the week... Lundun tawn...

Image of the week is a reminder that when life gets you down it is imperative to acknowledge the luxury of being freelance.

Yup, some days, people and weather conditions may be a challenge but regardless; I am fortunate enough to spend time roaming on treasure hunts in search of a moment or an individual to interact with.

This weeks post is from a commission/project that resulted from a number of people s ideas and requests. I decided to combine Boat magazine's calling theme of London with my collaboration with an old school friend (Jamie Leith) who is working with hackney homes on a community based project.

Both meetings occurred out of the blue and inspired similar ideas. I then threw into the mixing bowl a little bit of Rhiannon Adam for Polaroid fun and banter as our polaroid walks are a joy and I felt this would add an alternative visual approach to the story.

With the Olympics theme already dominating the minds of many editors I decided it would be nice to do a community based project on those that know London not black cab drivers but the elderly.

Choosing one estate in Hackney known to have a hazardous reputation I decided to explore it from the inside, meet the residents and speak and photograph those that have called it home for many a year. The estate oozes friendly characters and helpful residents. There is a beautiful sense of community and it still baffles me why it adopts a slightly negative reputation. What is also interesting is the complete divide between the boarders of Broadway Market lined with affluent housing and trendy vendors with council estate housing and soon to be demolished blocks.

So here s the first resident Jamie introduced me to: Jon

Jon leads the Pensioners committee meetings and therefore we shot him in the community hall.

more to come.