Image of the week... lost with bearded ladies

I have a rather bizarre reason for the delayed post... nope I shall not wallow and moan with self punishment for my lack of punctuality as until very late Thursday eve I wandered deliriously around an old estate in Ukraine in fear of never finding our driver. After a few hours of blair witch style hunting we managed to track him down.

I love moments on trips when you are aware of the significance of a memory before it has even fully occurred . As I stood outside the supermarket and took this picture during our time of fear and frustration ( and most likely masking my insecurity with distraction) I could nt help but think : " This image will remind me of this ridiculous evening". I did nt need a literal snapshot but the scene seems to echo the way the encounter felt surreal and timeless.

Eventually arriving home and preparing myself for the 4 am wake up call my head was to weary to post.

Ukraine was fascinating...a land to be explored I hope..