Image of the week...looking back..

This weeks post is kind of punctual depending on your time zone and watch accuracy..( when I started writing it)

Excuses aside ….

Story mag approached me ions ago and we agreed in some way to work together to explore my project of young love further.

I like the idea of never closing projects as my influences and ideas are always changing and I am continuously dissatisfied. So I decided to get in touch with Shay and after much banter and definitive planning we both looked forward to a little reunion and an opportunity to add a few young gay couples to the project and give it another dimension as well as looking at her relationship now.

Super keen with a promise to greet me at the station I confidently boarded the London train with Bronica at the ready. After 2 hours of waiting and eventually a conclusive text of : " I'm in the police station , can't do it" was received by a pissed off Pannack.

Working with young people, especially those that often attract drama and adventure can be exciting but at times highly irritating and annoyingly unpredictable. The same invincibility and spontaneous characteristics that attract me to photographing adolescents , can at times also drive my patience to the limit.

So deciding against simply scouting the streets in search of gay youth I headed for a coffee with Jonah and then off to a talk with a few friends (Ben Roberts, Hin Chau, Ewen Spencer, Jason Larkin and Maja Daniels) before annoyingly fleeting to make an early flight.

The following day I bashfully relayed the bad news to the editor who was already pushed with a deadline and he suggested that I delve through old scans as the interview was mainly about the process of working and this experience in fact fitted in well.

So inevitably through doing this I stumbled across forgotten images and reminders of pervious shoots.

The curse of film is one frame is often not enough and with this image (which I hope to one day reshoot) it fails due to her eyes just not sitting right...

The other is from an edit of the shoot with Toni from the Harmless project some time ago...

And finally after doing a talk with Hin I decided he takes himself far too seriously, so this is to remind him and myself that dancing in an empty Quarry in a surreal land is definitely worth a 6 hour drive.