image of the week...lagging

Woops !

Monstrously late... ok... so I shall reveal my lack of confidence and spill that I am suffering a bout of grey zone virus... currently wallowing in self pity I'm beating myself black and blue with the photographers version of writers block. It's a rare occasion when I am content with an image but I am currently frustrated with my lack to produce something that makes me grin... however I have been reassureed it's a familiar feeling amongst photographers, advice is to sit with it, let the virus take it's turn and that positivity is the only solution.

My idea is to keep shooting and thinking whilst I wallow.. so I wont say anything further now I've vented.

HOkaaaay image (s) of the week come from my final attempt at the bolivian commission for the The Photographers Gallery. This is Oscar who kindly invited me into his home to take his portrait. Sadly the deadline is due so it's a toss up between him and Annie. I cant say I'm particularly chuffed with either, however the process has been really enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the collaboration!