Image of the week...just hanging out with Brian May and Joel meyerowitz

In March I received a random but teasing email from the Royal Photographic society requesting my address for a letter that was to be HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL . Baffled,my brain went into MI5 mode and when an envelope hit my doormat a few days later I was overjoyed and shocked to read:

"On 30 March 2012, the Council of The Royal Photographic Society unanimously agreed to offer Laura Pannack the Vic Odden Award ( This award is offered for a notable achievement in the art of photography by a British photographer aged 35 or under, endowed in memory of Vic Odden. "

Last night the ceremony surpassed my expectations. I nervously collected my award and gushed at the many inspirational figures around me...from Brian May to Joel Meyerowitz filling the seats. I sank too much red vino and have a vague memory of a very incoherent interview I gave to the camera at the end of the evening... that should be interesting....

I am still clueless as to why I was awarded by the RPS but hugely grateful and honoured.

It was the best evening I have had in yonks and as always even better as Mr Roberts (an FRPS) was there to cheer me on.

Sooooo as my head feel heavy and my hangover I'll pretend it's still Thursday as this late post goes live.

Here's a few more from the lush Herne Bay treat, OAO x