image of the week...just... excuses, excuses...

So I should n't let being out of the country without internet be an excuse for a lack of Thursday post...however parting with 50p a MB felt like robbery....

So as always I shall indeed post more than one image...

Hmmmm but what to post? After seeing so much amazing and inspirational imagery over the past few surreal days in Perpignan I feel silly even popping something up, but this small black hole feels too familiar to not stick with the habitual post.

SO here we have the weeks images:

These are from the third project to come out of the Sudan trip.

Don bosco

This location was without a doubt the most refreshing treat for any photographer. The shoot still provided many challenges regarding time and communication but the opportunity to be in such a beautiful location made all if these seem like minor inconveniences. Constantly stimulating to the eye.. I only wish I had longer but perhaps one day I will return.

The newest country in the world is not yet two months old. South Sudan is now one of the poorest nations on the planet where a 15-year-old girl is more likely to die in childbirth than finish primary school.

As South Sudan finds its feet on the world’s stage,I spent time with young girls who are not only going to school but who will be part of building the country from scratch.

Don Bosco is the only fully-functioning vocational center in the whole of the country is boldly making sure girls are leading the way in independent South Sudan.

The center teaches mechanics, electrical engineering, building, printing, IT and woodwork. These trades are essential in providing skilled workers who will build a brand new country.

It was interesting not only to find girls who are receiving an education but also those that are studying a stereotypically masculine trade, and excelling at it.

Next week something British I hope...