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Darn two for my error

I decided to follow up on a commission from the Saturday Telegraph with Vicky and Peter ( The emotional walk), which was in collaboration with Sense. I did my random hop on a train to the middle of no where to stay in dirt cheap and spooky hostel with camera and film at the ready to see the work that Sense does and where Vicky lives.

I focussed on the time the housemates spend at the day centre as well as their lives at home and spent most of my time with Vicky, Erica and a few others.

My first day was spent at the day centre and I roamed around to have a peek at the activities on offer. The levels of disability differed greatly between the attendees and each activity is tailored to suit their needs.

I followed the loud drilling sound and entered a classroom to find a tall stocky man hard at work. He gently placed the drill down and in a deep voice chirpily explained that he was Nathan and these two ladies were in a woodwork lesson.

I was curious to see what kind of woodwork projects they would be doing as both girls had severe limited capability regarding sight and movement.

Nathan explained that they had relocated from a busy and crowded institution and now found it difficult to remain stimulated and awake .

Nathan bangs hammers aggressively, drills into pieces of wood and generally makes as much of a racket as possible. The girls respond excitedly and the squeals of joy are witness to a relief that they are not alone or fatigued.