Image of the week ( I have an excuse...)

So I wanted to post a new image but alas as is often the case I am not allowed as it s needed for a release date.. so in the mean time I am posting my favorite image from the YBN series.

I like the painterly feel of this image and I also like that my assistant Tim had a heated debate with his friend that it was photoshopped..haha you should know me better than that!..nope this is an image in it's pure form.. so Tim you win that tenner!

I also wanted to include it as this was not in the feature in the Guardian Weekend last Saturday. Here is the online link if you missed the lovely 6 page spread..

On that note.. I have to vent the tease of making/not making front cover 4 times before they went to print... almost...almost.. but in the end they opted for something else...

so whilst winter hauls it's chill this way YBN will be on hold until next year. Now comes the grey zone of finding and improving new strong Pannack..