image of the week...Ghana time zone

Ok so yup hands held high and white flag waving ...late post again...Thursday's deadline passed by with a high res request priority from the Ghana adventures.

I can now post an image or two from the trip as they failed to make the final edit. This was in a dream location. I was lucky to be in to company of the fantastic writer Sally Williams from as we headed for Ghana itinary in hand but hoping for the freedom to explore.. we were lucky. The charity Afrikids who were supporting our trip and taking good care of us allowed us to run and play as well as filling our schedule to the point of insanity.

These images are from day one...after only a few hours sleep and an early rise our day soon jammed up with trekking from place to place. The last location was a breaking point.. a visual treat... over ground gold mines.

The mines are filled with workers ( mostly children) struggling to earn a wage and digging in the hope they have the right spot where a few crumbs of gold could change their life. Many of the children are homeless, parentless and boy found enough gold the day we visited to change his life. He can now afford his school fees.