Image of the week...full circle

Sometimes I find the decision of where to roam an irritation and a burden so I often ask others where they'd recommend for a day trip

Apparently Hin recommended I visit Strood ions ago but I decided on elsewhere...for a unknown reason I found myself in Strood recently. Wandering and in awe of the way the environment has stood still for what seems like at least fifty years. Signage, shops and lifestyle seem untouched by time and I really felt at ease wandering alone.

Locals seem friendly and diverse and my slow pace whilst killing train waiting time lead me to a car wash.

As I polietly asked the workers and owners if I could take pictures but their shyness got the better of them..after 30 mins of persistence the staff began to relax and I managed to bring them round

I'd like to go back..why I am drawn to these towns is still to be decided.... perhaps the escapism and relaxed attitude are seductive...I feel myself walking on new soil .I wonder how I'd feel if I return...

Right.... eyes are dropping... OAO x