Image of the week..."Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can't face reality!"

What a treat.. The Peep Show is pretty much one of my favs so I was blessed with shooting 1 half of the duo for The Sunday Times mag..

Alas it was less simple than expected. As usual we arrived early despite getting stuck in monstrous traffic and paid a years wages in parking... but once we had landed we met the PR and writer and began to prep.

I understand that sometimes time is tight which is cool, but on this particular occasion I was pretty shocked when the interview took 50 mins and I was given only 15 mins when promised an hour ...however it's the nature of the job and just means you have to be super efficient, super patient and super prepared and ...enjoy it!

It's a shame as I always like to get as much of an opportunity to know my subjects as possible.However on this occasion I was blessed with a subject who knew how to react in front of the lens and with encouragement could throw me a range of expressions on demand. Unfortunately Robert wasn't up for a few ideas I had planned but was a great sport and really helped us make the most of the time we had. In what seemed like the shortest 15 mins ever but I managed to whack out a roll of film too.

Tim, as always did a fab job and thoroughly rinsed me on the drive home for my nervous awkward small talk that I posed to Robert to try and create a little friendly banter. Unfortunately I think he just thought I was weird as I somehow managed to ramble on about cat shit and Bernard's watch...hmmm.. However much appreciation as he was clearly knackered after a long day and not in the mood but warmed to us and gave us his time before being thrown into a cab.

Like always I treated the shoot as a game/ a challenge.. the countdown of 15 minutes was my window to play and get as much done until the whistle goes...

Thanks to Tim (for wearing womens clothes....) and Robert...x