image of the week... for you amigo...

I dedicate this post to my steed... Editing and analysing work is a challenge and every time I view my images I feel  impatient, empty and uncreative but rather than wallow in self pity I itch to learn and improve ...but NOW. Like the scene in the Matrix where Trinity learns a language effortlessly and instantly. I simply crave the ability to stop time, take loads of images, learn incredible amounts and not feel like the hours in the day are robbed through distraction.

I agree there seems to be a common trend that photographers are searching for something new..a style, an approach. Bored, they are experimenting and exploring mixing genres. I  advocate change but value an organic and genuine way of working...not forcing anything too much. I believe in  stripping back to playing .....after all that's all photography is...playing with light, right? I am currently very excited to be collaborating with others..toying with ideas without limits.

This week's image is from the first YWA,LWD Romanian trip. Starting to formulate ideas, I attempted a scene from the tale but the subtlety fails to demonstrate what I wanted to say. In the image I wanted to feature one of the creatures entering the forest of lament. Kindly Gabriel introduced us to a lovely elderly lady who offered to help with our slightly bizarre request. The simplicity of my idea doesn't match the immense drama of the characters ,so armed with a pen and sketchbook I am ready to redesign the image...

With tired eyes..OAO xx

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