image of the week...for once a punctual pannack...

It's been a lovely busy few weeks and it's great to work on a piece where it all comes together. I am learning a huge amount and bruising in the process.

One thing I have always maintained is the importance to create a space and concept. Half of the fun ( and pain ) of editorial work is the unpredictability of the enviroment you are lumbered to shoot in. This can be blissfully surprising, exciting, revealing.. or a nightmare. The challenge then lies in using your imagination to create a canvas for your portrait. I sometimes really struggle with this and I am guilty in envisioning the image prior to even arriving. However , without the unpredictability half the fun would be lost.

It's sometimes fun to guess what your subject will look like, what colour their curtains will be and how many pets they have as it's often a complete contrast to your expectations and can really change a shoot.

I find busy and small enviroments pretty daunting and when we rocked up at the lovely and talented Williams studio I frowned as the sun disappeared and the easels and paint pots meshed my concentration. But gradually with time and patience a simple idea arrived and it became a game of furniture moving and reflector balancing. The key ingredient to these shoots is the patience and relaxed nature of your subject. We were fortunate, William was cheerful, helpful and laid back and with a few attempts we managed to get a few pictures. My thanks to Mr Harper once again for the light assembling and disassembling more frequent than any other shoot and his epic guns of steel. William , you were a treat, ta xx