Image of the week...dino weekend

.. forgive the wimpesh eyes that fell asleep at my mac last night...

Sooo wow what a weekend...The remedy of dashing off for some unique company in search of untrodden land, unmet folk and young inmates in need of sweets delivered fun filled adventures.

Hin Chau and I decided the best way to initiate a combined project was to simply strip ourselves of themes, deadlines, pressure and sense , fill my wagon with supplies and head to a far off land for a weekend.

After a damn good waitrose pit stop and 4 1/2 hours on the road the headlights finally revealed what I can only describe as foreign ground. There is an atmospheric tone to the majority of random towns I visit but Portland was something else. It felt eerie and mysterious. A large blanket of fog descended on the island for the entire duration of our stay. Heat for the comfort of walking with bare arms and fog to paint with.

We spent the trip engulfing the freedom of walking alone and the pleasure in joining forces and exploring as a team.

It was a blissful rare occasion to visit a UK destination and feel transported to another world. I felt free of responsibility or stress and my pace soon relaxed and I followed my nose . I fantasized of a life of simply roaming , ridding myself of a base and ideally travelling and exploring. However I imagine this honeymoon would soon wear off and my feeble self would inevitably crave the nest and luxuries given time.

So here s a pic in one of the few gem locations we discovered. This was a perfect recce trip..I feel honoured to have shared it with such great company.. more please xx