Image of the week... deadline passed tisk tisk.. perhaps I should change it to Friday...

Wow two weeks in a row...what a bloody disgrace! House hunting has taken over my headspace and even venting on these walls slipped my mind.. Laura I am disappointed in you..

However I've squeezed this in bashfully before Saturday and PROMISE next week to be on time ...or early. This Sunday sees a treat in the form of two editorials.. My first ever little snap for the Independent on Sunday and a really interesting feature in Stella magazine in the Sunday Telegraph.

I find it ironic that I strive to abolish stereotypes within my subject matter yet I pre judge many of my subjects for commissions solely on a short phone conversation or email contact.

This week taught me not only the pointlessness of this narrow minded approach but also how wrong I can be. As a rushed and blunt Oliver barked at me down the phone I grew apprehensive about the unprepared shoot that lay ahead the following day. I expected an impatient, stiff and aggravated ego to give me limited time and show no interest in the shoot.. I could not have (luckily ) been more wrong.

A warm and calm Oliver Peyton met me punctually at the restaurant the following day and offered a calm and comical persona ( and a delicious strong coffee). He relaxed into being himself and enjoyed the play time of creating an image. His fun and charismatic behaviour helped create an honest and personal image for the piece. My thanks to Daniel for his patience, hard work and preparation and to Oliver and all of his team for a stress free and fun shoot.

Next week... treats and punctuality.. peeerrromise