Image of the Week...darn this Thursday passing me by

I'm bored of apologising but will try for next week...ok so more Ghana shizzle me thinks... Sally and I rose early to visit what I guess you would describe as a chaotic car boot sale swamped with heavy weight trucks in a large carpark.

This area was named 'The station'. It was a sanctuary that seemed to cater for the street kids as a good place to sleep. Rammed with stalls selling similar nik naks or food there seemed to be more sellers than buyers roaming around the jungle of trucks. By 9 am the ferocious sun was already frying us alive. We spoke to the street kids who revealed their dream sleeping spot and explained the hierarchy involved in the nest you got.

And... for my lateness....more gold mines..

Next week I shall reveal the hardest assignment I have received to date...dun..dun...dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x