Image of the week.. collaborated mistakes..

Sooo my interest to go back to my roots of roaming with a camera ready (but not nagging) has become a more frequent recent habit. I'm really embracing the way the experience of a walk is largely determined by the company I choose to keep..or lose.

Walking alone has so many advantages and it can be refreshing and liberating, it provides a sense of relief and control. Equally the company of another individual can ensure the walk will be entertaining regardless of the journey and encounters.

What I have found particularly interesting is the discovery of how different people affect walks in different ways. Who are more decisive, fun, adventurous, calm, intellectual, philosophical and what differences that partner makes to your walk.

When two people take a walk or a drive they are held within that experience and encapsulated by company... it is considered unsocial to abandon your company and whether it is enjoyable or not you are forced to remain together.

This contributed to me asking a near stranger to join me.

I contacted Rhiannon shortly after we first met through work as I felt an urge to collaborate

I ve worked in polaroid before and as those loyal blog followers may recall John and I were Impossible project testers.. proving it an impossible project. Rhiannon is a polaroid expert and her work inspired me to regain faith in polaroid again

Rhiannon instantly agreed to the idea of an adventure and as pre arranged met me at liverpool st station excited and carrying more bags than me... yup that s right.. i repeat.. carrying more bags than me. Together we dashed to the next train and the bag ladies instantly began to natter excitedly.

We roamed and talked galore and had a fantastic but short afternoon. Hin would have been disgusted by our brief walk (another factor determined by company.) The agreement with all is not to pressurise or beat ourselves up.. just be..

We migrated to ' the only pub in the village' and over a much needed thaw lay out the images to recap.. very early days but the joy of the craft fully alive..

So to warp up my rant, we discovered a gem of a road with equally interesting residents.. we will surely revisit this little hidden street in the summer when apparently paddling pools come out in full swing!

Once parental permission was gained we shot until our hands froze and the polaroids were such a refreshing and exciting change. Then the mistake of a real collaborated image occurred.. a combination of two images we both wanted to capture shot by each of us without planning a double exposure...

We shall continue with both lone shots and combined polaroids on our forward quest to record our expeditions and experiences.. but the rule shall be never to reveal whether or not we have cocked the shutter for a fresh sheet or one already used... will our images be ruined or created?