Image of the week...Buttons and mountains

I would like to one day overcome an often niggling desire to hold rhyme and reason for neglecting the lame responsibilities of adult life and running away for more than a day. Trips are often taken with intention and purpose and the luxury of fleeting on holiday without guilt is all too rare.

This trip however, held an important responsibility. ...of true friendship .

I am fortunate , I have a best friend called Danny who I have known since the womb. One who has experienced life alongside me like a sister. We have watched each other grow up and time apart never hinders our close bond. However there comes a time when city life, work schedules and the fast pace of living provokes us to stop and relax in each others easy company.

After a sentimental chat I booked a train to Glasgow and ions later arrived in the Scottish land just round the corner from Ashley.

With my London feet I brought the rain and Friday decided to nestle shyly under foggy cloud showing no sign of the sun from morn to night. We both agreed that I'd head to catch up with Ashley and Danny could get some much needed kip from a few heavy few nights of alcohol abuse and Saturday we'd head to the mountains and trek together.

Visiting Ashley in a new house was refreshing. It had been months since I'd seen her and 'the weens' had sprouted beyond belief. After hugs and pressies I easily relaxed into dividing the time between catching up and shooting. Ashley proudly told me of her new job and showed me around her own new house. The kids each had their own rooms and a furry new family member greeted us on Ashley's bed. Buttons tolerantly induced the tugs of sticky toddlers hands and seemed calm amongst the often wild atmosphere of over tired or sugar filled youngsters.

At 4pm the house emptied and Ashley had her hour of freedom. Before jetting to grab some grub in town I asked to take her portrait. Buttons appeared and Ashley sat patiently amongst the unusual silence bonding with her new friend.

It gave me a chance to alter my approach and stop and engage with her.

I'd like to continue to capture her on occasion, visiting her world when Glasgow calls.

The next day was filled with a much needed catch up road trip. With the roof down, sunnies on and loch awaiting Danny and I sailed into the mountains ready to embark on a short adventure away from reality...lush trip.