image of the week... broken boxes..

I hang my head in shame... another week of a late upload due to more crud news. I am currently sporting my just returned baby Bronica wrapped in white gaffa tape and my digital camera sits sadly in Fixation awaiting a hefty bit of TLC..yup that's both cameras, both lenses and a flashgun..oh joy.. so spending time with a rented mark 2 and trying desperately to stay strong and patient I decided that despite not being able to shoot last week for the blog I'd still upload a few pics.

First is a commission for Stella magazine (The Sunday Telegraph). Sandy has now married 2 men on death row and been to both of their executions. I was intrigued to know what brought her to...

a) engage in a relationship with murderers b) choose a relationship where visits would be challenging and infrequent and the basis of which relied on hand written letters c)what affects the relationships had on her

Greeted warmly by Sandy, my assistant and I instantly felt relaxed amongst her walls adorned with pictures of fluffy kittens and her cats roaming teasingly around our ankles.

Over a lovely coffee we chatted about her complex relationships with all of those she writes to on death row and she explained that these men are gifted , kind and loving and that many of them show her great affection and gratitude.She proudly showed us love letters and cards of thanks hand drawn by various prisoners. It was interesting to see how devoted she was to these men and how their crimes seemed to be irrelevant. Sandy was a pleasure to photograph and my upmost thanks to Poulomi for her assistance.

I have also slung in a few images that I was forced to shot digitally grrr on a trip to Portsmouth with my great friend and legendary photographer Ben Roberts.Next Thursday I'm on it!